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“Blue” marketing – is it a good idea?

You may be familiar with “blue comedy,” which is best defined as comedy that’s edgy and offensive. Eddie Murphy (before he spent every waking moment in a rubber fat suit), Chris Rock, and Artie Lange are all great examples of comedians using this type of humor. That said, I’ve noticed there are several current TV commercials using what I’d refer to as “blue marketing.” From a blue comedian’s perspective, they’re pretty tame, but they are fairly edgy by TV standards. Here are two examples:


Hilarious? Absolutely. Creepy? Yes, but in a good way. “Herding cows the size of schnauzers”… pure gold.

The question is: does blue marketing sell? Personally, I love the idea of moving outside the safe zone and creating content that is both memorable and controversial. How many times have we seen a nice, safe commercial with a company’s CEO acting wooden and speaking monotonously? Maybe it makes the CEO look respectable, but does it help accomplish the #1 goal of advertising and promotion: selling a company’s products and services?

If you’re looking to shake things up in your company, maybe you want to consider using blue in your marketing efforts. It’s fun, interesting, and stands a better chance of being the subject at the next water cooler gathering. If you’re not ready to move in that direction yet, that’s ok. But do us all a favor and stay away from another shade of gray. We could all use a little color right about now.

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